Hosting a screening at your college, high school, church or organization is a great way to stir rich discussions about social media and the balance of life and technology.

It starts with a simple, unpretentious concept, and the result is a nuanced and judgment-free look at how life works for kids in the digital age.
— The Verge

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As a culture, we love movies. And while some documentaries are beat-you-over-the-head soap boxes on a given topic, Social Animals was intentionally crafted as an even-handed discussion catalyst that also does what movies are supposed to do–entertain.

Our community screening package includes:

  • Public Screening License - DVD/Bluray or Streaming

  • Digital Marketing Tool Kit



Spending three years making a movie about teenagers and social media, the filmmakers learned a few things. For special events, screening organizers can invite the filmmakers to come share some of these insights to their group, adding another layer of engagement to the event.

In-Person Filmmaker Presentation includes:

  • Introduction of the film

  • 15min presentation after the film

  • 30min Q&A with the audience

The sold-out crowd of students, faculty, staff, and people from the community was just as eager to discuss the issues and concerns unveiled by Social Animals during the Q&A session as they were to see the film itself. This documentary is ideal for prompting public dialogue on the complex issues surrounding the digital native.
— Dr. Joseph Steineger, Professor of Philosophy, Lindenwood University